Monday, October 28, 2013

Updates x10

A few journal worthy things have happened around here lately. They are small so I couldn't justify a whole post, but I wanted to make sure and document.

1) We have reached the end of an era. On Tuesday, October 8th after I put Sawyer down for bed I heard a loud noise and when I went into their room I noticed Elmo on the floor. I was about to get upset at Sawyer for disrupting everyone's sleep when he told me, "I don't want to sleep with Elmo anymore." His favorite toy and character for years has been banished from his bed. It actually made me a little sad he is growing up :( And every nap and night time since then he has reitereated his sentiments. When Kyle pressed him about not wanting to sleep with Elmo he said "Elmo's not my favorite anymore." The funny thing is he sleeps with about 10 other animals/pillows/blankets and they have never been his favorite but he wants them in his bed. For over 2 years Elmo has had the coveted snuggle spot in his bed and now he won't even have him in his sight. And who at 3 years old gives up their beloved lovey?

2) We've had 2 throw-up experiences in 2 weeks. This doubles our total throw-up events since having children almost 4 years ago. For that I am very thankful, but in the midst of your kids being sick it's not always fun. Poor Nora had never thrown up before so when she threw up in her bed Sawyer had to come get us because she was quite confused. Kyle slept with her in the guest room the rest of the night and was able to contain the mess to the bucket. Sawyer got out of bed one night when he should have been asleep complaining his stomach hurt. Right after he climbed into our bed I heard the rumble in his stomach and i sprang into action but it was too late. Most of it landed on me and the floor. With me being pregnant I HAD to get that smell off of me so we plopped Sawyer in a bath and Kyle began cleaning. That's when Sawyer continued to throw up in the bathtub, oh boy! Thankfully the rest of the incident was caught in the bucket. During Sawyer's all night throw-up event I just had to laugh because I never would have imagined being up all night getting puked on, cleaning up his puke, and then voluntarily putting him in my  bed so I could hold the bucket for him. And as all of this is happening I can look down at my  little boy sleeping in my arms and be thankful for the snuggle time. This parenting thing is not a glamorous gig, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Ok, that's enough about vomit.

3) My fall contract jobs started again recently. Etsy is also picking up with holiday traffic. Thankful my energy seems to be returning. It's going to be a BUSY few months.

4) Whenever we ask Nora to do something her response is always "Ok cowboy!" Do you think she likes Toy Story?

5) This week I whipped up a baby shower gift. It's been a while since I've made a tiny baby outfit. I truly believe anything this small would be adorable! I used one of my favorite fabrics that I only had a scrap of left. Love that you can make something cute with just a tiny bit of fabric. I paired it with a onesie and some cute socks. Can't wait until she is born so I can see the full cuteness in action.

6) This weekend Malone had an away game in Ashland. We went and sat in some cold, windy conditions. The kids didn't even open their backpacks full of activities they just sat beside me under the blanket the entire game. It was a good game and the score went back and forth. MU was ahead much of the 1st half, the 2nd half Ashland pulled away, but as the clock wound down the Pioneers mounted a comeback but in the end Ashland won 27-20. Sawyer had an eventful day...There was 1 security man and a small rope separating the fans from the field. Sawyer made a run for the field. He made it past security and under the rope. When I got there the security guy was just smirking and letting Sawyer stand on the stairs just feet from the field. I yelled you might want to grab him he will run, but security did not heed my advice. Then Sawyer gave that mischievous smirk and started to dart. Thankfully the security guy then realized the gravity of the situation (3 year old running into the middle of a college football game could end VERY badly) and snatched him up. A big, burly security guard doesn't pay much attention to an active little boy but I can guarantee that was his toughest customer of the day. He also saw the other teams mascot, an eagle, and had to have a hug so we chased the bird all over until Sawyer got that hug :) The other big news of the day for the kids was Nora got to ride home on the bus with Daddy for the 1st time! She had a blast sitting with all her coach "friends."

This is what we looked like most of the game :)
7) I traveled to Minneapolis, MN for work this past week. I was only gone about 30 hours but it's always refreshing to get some alone time. After my work presentations I had a few hours to kill before my flight so I looked up things close the airport and lo and behold the Mall of America was within 5 minutes of the airport. Having been there several times before I knew I wouldn't have time to see hardly anything so I grabbed lunch then I visited a few kids stores and bought each of the kids a Christmas gift from the Disney store...oh my how times have changed. I went to the MOA several times in high school and college and I could spend hours maybe even days visiting all the stores and perusing all the items. Now I have no desire to really visit any mall, strange how things change...maybe a change in priorities, lack of funds who knows. Regardless I still had fun on my little travel excursion.

8) After my travel last week I got sick (aches, chills, exhaustion, allergies, a whole combination of things). So, thankful this rarely happens but I spent from noon until bedtime in bed while my children ran wild around the house. Thankfully Kyle came home from lunch and supper so the kids would be fed but he was gone all afternoon and night until bedtime. Which begs the question what do you do with your kids when you're sick enough that you can't get out of bed? They watched a few movies and I even heard them downstairs making up a ball game that they were both delighted in, but by the end of the day I was counting the minutes until daddy's return because I was out of ideas. Any thoughts?

9)Yesterday we hosted our church community group. There were 12 adults and 10 kids, so it was a full house! We had a great time of fellowship even with the kids running wild around us (it was too cold to play outside). Sometimes it is a lot of work to host events but I always enjoy the time spent with friends.  I'm not really sure why I worried about cleaning before the dinner because right now it looks like a bomb went off in my house.

10) Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Here are a few more football game pictures:
Nora being silly

all bundled up

after the game they are always so excited to see Daddy

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