Sunday, October 20, 2013

Football Fun Sans Kids

This week we had a night home game. I typically LOVE night games, but when it's cold, rainy and you have 2 little kids that's just a recipe for disaster.

So to remedy that situation I hired a babysitter and headed to the game by myself. It was such a treat to actually be able to watch the game and chat with the other wive's without 10 million (not exaggerating) distractions. Also, we got to sit in a warm press box which makes any long, cold game immeasurably  more enjoyable.
My view from the fogged up press box
This week MU took on Lake Erie. From the 1st drive when our defense held them in the red zone it was an intense game. The scoring went back and forth. Both the offense and defense were relentless and focused. It looked like a new team out there with all the excitement. In the 3rd quarter the Pioneers started pulling away. Then Lake Erie made a little bit of a comeback. And the stress of the final minute probably took 3 years off my life, but in the end the Pioneers won 55-50!

Since I didn't have kids I also didn't want to lug around lots of big bags, so that means the good camera stayed at home. I did get a few pictures on my phone.

team circle or afterglow following the game
just us

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