Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Team Spirit Dress {Kid Krafts}

I know you've seen this dress on Nora, but I wanted to tell you a little more about it because it's the perfect way to add some girly flare while still showing your team spirit.

I used the back tie pillowcase dress tutorial from The Mother Huddle, which I've utilized several times for vintage pillowcase dresses. However, instead of using a pillowcase I used 2 t-shirts (white Pioneer shirt and a navy blue shirt). You could just use 1 shirt, but since the team shirt was white and I knew the bleachers would immediately stain a white dress I chose to use a dark color on the back to show fewer stains. I believe both shirts are boys size 6/7. I did it the easy way and utilized the bottom hem of the t-shirts, so all I had to sew was the arm holes and neckline. Easy peasy and super cute! You would not believe all the compliments she gets at the games.
side view of the bow and two-tone dress
I made this dress last winter so it was sitting in her closet for a long time before she finally got to wear it to the 1st football game. And inevitably in that time she also grew a lot, but that is the beauty of this dress. When I first made it the dress landed below her knees. When I put it on her this fall it landed well above her knees, but just add a pair of leggings and you're good to go. I've also paired it with a long sleeve shirt underneath for the cooler weather. It's so versatile and will even work next year as a shirt with jeans.
And the best part is Nora LOVES that she has her very own Pioneer shirt just like Daddy!

showing off her Pioneer
not a great picture but it gives you a good idea of the back/bow

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