Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sawyer Sayings 5

Sawyer and me snuggling one day he starts playing with my wedding rings
Sawyer: What's that?
Me: The wedding rings Daddy gave me when we got married.
Sawyer: They are sooooo beautiful! Can I have some someday?
Me: (Contemplating how deep of a marriage conversation to have with a 3 year old) When you find a girl you love and who also loves Jesus you can buy her beautiful wedding rings.
(I wait with bated breath for Sawyer's profound 3 year old response :)
Sawyer: Oh great! Maybe I can buy her an Elmo ring.
Me: Sure, if she likes Elmo you can buy her an Elmo ring

Sawyer: Mom, my tummy hurts. The baby is making my tummy hurt.

Scene: Stopped at a red light while driving
Sawyer: Just go Mom!!!
Me: Sawyer I can't. What color is the light? It's red, I can't go!
Sawyer: Yes you can! Don't say you can't!

And Nora is really starting to say some funny things. So, this will be her 1st appearance.

Scene: I had just retrieved pajamas for Nora. They had big brown polka dots on them. Nora picks them up and inspects them.
Nora: Chocolate on my pj's?
A girl after her mom's own heart. She wants everything to be chocolate

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