Monday, October 14, 2013

Football & A Reunion

Friday Kyle came home from work and had thrown out his back. He could barely move, so I sent him upstairs to lay down. Kyle is not one to complain about pain so when I could tell he was visibly hurting I knew he must be in a LOT of pain. The next day was game day so he didn't have much option but too feel better :)

Saturday morning I literally dressed him and sent him off praying he would make through the next 8 hours. Sometime during the morning he felt his disc slip back into place so he was moving around a little better. The game this week was against Malone's cross town rival, Walsh. It was also homecoming. There were some really good moments in the game and every time I looked at the scoreboard I expected MU to be in the lead, but alas the closest the game got was a tie score. The final score was 28-38.

showing some love and team spirit during the game
 We had to leave during the exciting game for an exciting pick-up. Papa and Nana came to visit! We were all so happy to reunite. Sawyer seriously talked a mile a minute for the 1st 2 hours they were here. I've never seen him so excited and talkative.

Papa and Nana are still here so there will be more about their visit in the upcoming posts.

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