Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Visit from our Long Lost Friends

We recently had some friends visit. We hadn't seen them in 6 years and it was so great to reconnect. When we 1st met Kyle and I weren't even married. Our husbands worked together and we became fast friends individually and jointly. Due to our husband's profession we each have moved several times and each had 2 children. But once we saw each other the time melted away and we picked up right where we left off!

We packed a lot into the days they were in Canton. We visited other mutual friends, went to the balloon festival, shopped, entertained children and played games.

It was so wonderful to see them and meet their girls! We will not let another 6 years pass before reuniting again!

Sawyer and their oldest daughter are the same age and it's hilarious how similar they are. They love to run and jump and be crazy, but they both can be shy in new situations. I am hopeful we can set up an arranged marriage in the near future :)

Nora and Natalie
Hope had a little gum mishap...for future reference to get gum out of hair the best method is olive oil

Sawyer created a game called "Get back up there" and he and Hope loved to play with the daddies
Basically this game involved the kids being thrown onto the couch cushions by the dads

Natalie and Sawyer coloring with chalk

getting clean together...this will be perfect for their wedding video someday

my Nora cutie

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