Sunday, August 25, 2013

Big Girl Bed

A week before Nora turned two she got to experience a major rite of passage. Kyle tore apart the crib and turned it into a toddler bed.

Here is Nora's 1st reaction to her big girl bed.

She was very excited and she did very well. The first night she never got down and she slept through the night. As the 1st week progressed she got down from her bed a few times, mostly when Sawyer got out of bed. But for the most part she did very well with the transition.

Also a few times we heard a thud in the night, but she never made a sound. We went in to check on her and it was apparent she had fallen out of bed because her blankets were on the floor, but she crawled back up in bed immediately and never woke up.

Big girl bed transition up potty training.


  1. Ahhh it makes me so happy that she uses the blanket! :)

  2. Oh yes she does every night and every nap time! She will pitch a fit until she has her "big pink blanket" we even took it on vacation with us :)