Monday, August 19, 2013

Sawyer Sayings {4}

can you just see him saying "cheese"
 The other day Sawyer was playing upstairs and it was very quite for a few moments which always makes me nervous so I called upstairs, "Sawyer, what are you doing?" His reply very matter-of-factly: "Nothing Mom, just picking my nose."

After devouring an ice cream cone: "Mom, I've got a party in my tummy! So yummy, so yummy!"

asked him to make a silly face and this is what ensued
Before every bath he sings: Everybody get naked!

Whenever I wear a skirt or a dress (no matter how casual) Sawyer always says "Momma you are a beautiful, beautiful princess!"

While snuggling on the couch my stomach growled:
Sawyer: Mom, your belly button is talking!
Me: What is it saying?
Sawyer: John Wayne

While we all enjoyed tacos for dinner one evening...
Me: Who doesn't like tacos?
Sawyer: Jesus doesn't like tacos.

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  1. Those are GREAT! I love the John Wayne and picking nose comments. So glad you journaled these. Will come in handy when he's graduating or getting married years from now! :)