Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Baylor Beach Park

Kyle had most of the month of July off and we packed it full of fun with family and friends. But the last week he was home we decided it was time for a little family of 4 fun! We did lots of relaxing and a few fun activities.

On this particular day we went to Baylor Beach Park in Navarre, OH. It is a man-made lake (almost more like a pool because there no fishy things in it) with numerous slides, a rolling barrel, fountains, and dinosaurs. The park also featured putt-putt golf, a camp site, a park and a water recreation pond. The kids had a ton of fun! The park would be a great weekend camping destination for a family with older children. There are endless opportunities for fun!

The only downside the day we visited was the mosquitoes. Within 5 minutes of being on the beach we ran to the store to buy bug spray. But as long as we were in the water or had on bug spray the bugs stayed away.

Nora and Daddy swimming
kind of hard to see but Sawyer and Nora were crawling across the blue thing which was a rolling barrel

Nora riding a dinosaur

Nora on the frog slide

Sawyer on the frog slide

view of the kiddy side of the pond., the other side had more teen/adult acitivities

Sawyer getting daddy with the water gun

Sawyer had a blast climbing this dinosaur

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