Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tuscora Park

To continue our family fun week we visited Tuscora Park. We had been last year and Sawyer loved all the rides, but Nora was too little to participate. This year they both got to enjoy the excitement of the rides.

All ready to go in
All the rides are made for little kids and the park is very affordable at $.75 per ride. For the 1st ride Sawyer chose the planes. As Kyle placed Nora in the plane of her choice and walked away she started bawling. She didn't understand why Daddy had to leave her. Then the ride began, the tears ceased and she was all smiles. See the evidence below:

a wave to mom and dad

waiting in line "patiently"

riding on the train together

Sawyer and I on the ferris wheel he insists on riding even though he can't see over the rail

One of the great things about Tuscora Park is when the kids get tired of rides or when the parents get tired of paying for rides there is an actual park for them to play.
Daddy and Sawyer being monkeys

At the park they offer a full range of concession stand food for a very reasonable price so we decided to treat the kids to dinner and dessert at the park. Dessert was certainly the best part.

Nora having her 1st bite of cotton candy...I think she liked it

Sawyer with his 1st snow cone

Nora also got to experience the wonder that is a snow cone

Sawyer had a contest with himself to see how much cotton candy he could stuff into his mouth
Daddy and Nora watching the duck pond on the way out

It was a beautiful evening and we had a wonderful time as a family. It's really bittersweet as the kids grow up. We no longer have a baby to love on but it's so fun experiencing new activities with the kids. I love to see their reactions and the fun we can enjoy as a family!

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