Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Festival {Take 2}

Since we didn't get to see the hot air balloons the 1st night we went back the 2nd night. It was a beautifully calm evening. We invited even more friends to come along.

a serious conversation between Jake and Sawyer

experiencing the inside of a hot air balloon

the three 3 year olds were running around like a flash

trying out a hot air balloon basket

peeking out

the last picture we all took together had zero kids in it

Nora is pointing out the skydivers that jumped for the event

 We had a little dance party before the balloons.

 After taking in all the sights and sounds it was announced there would be no hot air balloon flights due to an approaching storm. While we were disappointed there were no balloons we made our own fun! I love our friends!

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