Monday, August 5, 2013

2nd Birthday Party {Minnie Mouse}

For Nora's 2nd birthday we had a play date party with other 2 year old girls from church. In honor of Nora's Minnie Mouse obsession we decked out the house with mouse ears and bows.

It was a great play date and so much more calm than a play date with boys :)

The girls played with toys, drew on Minnie Mouse coloring pages, put on Minnie tattoos, ate lunch and put together Minnie puzzles.

Opening a 1 gift in the morning.

Sawyer also got to open a gift, he was very excited

all the girls showing off their tattoos


singing happy birthday

She got really shy when people were singing and looking at her, but she loved the Minnie on her cupcake

digging in!

It was the perfect way to celebrate her 2nd birthday. She had fun with a few of her friends and was not overwhelmed by the number of people. And I was happy because there was less preparation and I got to have fun with some of  my friends too.

That evening we had Uncle Cliff and Aunt Jess over for a birthday dinner and to open gifts. Nora was so excited for Aunt Jess to come over she sat in the window for over 15 minutes waiting to see their car arrive. We had a wonderful dinner. Complete with blowing out candles on her cupcake. Then Nora (with Sawyer's expert assistance) opened gifts. She received a plethora of Minnie Mouse gear, underwear, art supplies and a baby stroller.

 blowing out her candles

Giving Minnie a walk in her stroller

Then we proceeded to 1st Friday which is an art event they have in downtown Canton on the 1st Friday of each month. This month coincides with the Hall of Fame celebrations so it was football themed. Sawyer was super impressed with the drum group we saw when we first arrived. He was enamored. He walked through the crowd to get all the way to the front. Then he proceeded to find his rhythm as he danced to the music. A few times we had to go get him so he didn't climb over the barrier into the group's space. He loved it! As we proceeded through the festival Sawyer also discovered a chalk artist drawing a football mural and he LOVED it. The artist was very appreciative of Sawyer's praise. Then we did a few kids crafts, jumped in the bounce house, ate a free snow cone and got a balloon. It had been sprinkling all evening (that's why there are no pictures) but the weather was starting to turn so we had to leave the fun and head home for bed. But all in all I think Nora had a great 2nd birthday celebration filled with love, fun and friends!

I'll be back with more party details in another post.

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