Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kolter Kutie

This 3rd child has a bit of a personality. You could call him our ham. He insists on wearing a super hero cape at all times…even to bed. He loves to laugh and thinks everything is funny. He is always up for taking a picture and wants to see the result immediately. He tells us when something is funny and proceeds to giggle. He is also crazy and fearless. He will do anything for a laugh. He may be a future class clown. He runs around all day in superhero mode ready to strike at any time.

Here's a little look into his personality:

In the future when I envision Kolter at age 2 this will be the image I see…a dimple faced toddler with no pants adorned with a Superman cape running as a blur around the house!

He has to be in all the action even if he doesn't know how it works

Loving that blue snow cone 

When it's 100 degrees outside this is his wardrobe choice

So happy to be a big boy!

He loves to cheer on his siblings at their sporting events. Go Rockies! Go Sawyer!

Caught with his hand in the…watermelon bowl :)

Yep, caught red handed ;)

the little landscaper…apparently he has a distaste for pants ;)

Licking ice cream off his feet…just a normal day in the life of Koko

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