Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer Fun {July 2016}

As you've seen, much of July was spent traveling, but we did find some time for fun at home.

We were in OKC for the 4th of July. We attended a little carnival and fireworks show at a local park. The big kids loved the rides. Kolter loved the glowing sword we brought for him ;)

My phone was out of storage, so no video, but Sawyer rode his 1st big kid ride all by himself. He loved it, but mommy felt like it was pretty intense and fast ;)

Daddy took Nora on a date complete with flowers at the door, ice cream and a shopping trip to pick out a new dress.

And after Daddy went back to work Mommy took the kids to the water park in OKC. That was a big hit. The kids LOVED it! Below is the only picture I got because there was a lot of water and only 1 adult ;)

This is Sawyer going down one of his favorite big boy slides:

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