Monday, August 22, 2016

1st Day of School

Sawyer and Nora had their first day of school last week.

I think everyone was ready for school to start! Even though Sawyer started kindergarten it wasn't super emotional for because he was going to the same school and technically he started kindergarten last year in Ohio, so we kind of already went through that experience. The day of everyone was just excited to get the school year started!

Kolter had to join in on the action

I love little teacher gifts, so each kid gave their teachers a mason jar glass filled with drink mixes and candy on the 1st day. How cute are those mason jars? I found them at Wal-Mart in a set of 4, which was perfect since we have 4 teachers!

My 2 oldest walking into school together. Sawyer is telling her all about Pre-K.

At their desks ready to begin the new year.

This kid was pretty excited for his only child status #3rdchild #donttellhimwearerunningerrands

Our annual tradition of getting a snack to celebrate a successful 1st day!

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