Monday, August 15, 2016

Family Vacation {Branson Part II}

To wrap up our family vacation in Branson we spent Thursday going on a little hike with the kiddos and visiting Lambert's Cafe. We also decided to take a few family pictures...

of course what's a Schenk vacation without some wrestling

Hiking over rocks and water
Kyle was in his element and caught a crawdad for the kids to hold
our final destination was the waterfall

After dinner at Lamberts we spent a very chaotic 10 minutes grabbing some pictures of the kids in their coordinating outfits. It was the definition of mass chaos, but I think they turned out pretty good. Thanks for Candace for capturing the shots!

girl cousins
boy cousins

Papa & Mema corralled all the kids
a little look at the chaos
The whole family
not our best attempt ;)

We wrapped up the night with a movie and the big kids had a sleepover

And on our final day Kyle took Sawyer and Nora fishing and we all went to the Sight & Sound Theatre to see Moses.

We loved all the fun activities, but the best part was spending time with family!

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