Monday, August 1, 2016

Adventure Park {Glenwood Springs}

After we were worn out from the pool we headed to the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. This is an amusement park built on top of a mountain. We rode a gondola to the top!

Nora (and daddy) weren't so sure about the heights ;)

Ready for the rides

Ironically, Kyle who doesn't particularly like heights had to ride all the rides. And I (who usually loves to ride) was relegated to watching Kolter. A bit of a role reversal but we all survived ;)

It was a pretty warm day on the top of the mountain, so we were thankful for a break in the form of a cave tour! It was nice and cool, which I appreciated ;) And the kids loved their 1st cave experience. Sawyer couldn't get enough of the science behind the stalactite and stalagmites. We went in the famous King's Row cave.

After the cave we hit up more rides including a ferris wheel with an awesome view (see below).

Kolter got to experience his 1st ride (on the ferris wheel). Unfortunately, that was the only ride he was allowed on, so he spent much of the time being upset he was little :(

The kids experienced a few roller coasters. Feeling pretty brave with their hands in the air!

Kolter and Josiah snacked while the big kids waited in line for the zip line.

Getting buckled in for the zip line…Sawyer was very protective of the "fossils" in his pocket

See the carriage near the pole on the right (not the one in the foreground)? That was Sawyer and Noah…look how far and high that is. We were just hoping they wouldn't freak out by themselves.

But they returned with smiles on their faces. And they even got a round of applause from the crowd as they were by far the smallest twosome (most kids rode with their parents).

Next up was Daddy and Nora…see their nervous smiles ;)

But they too did great!

The big kids climbed a wall and rode another coaster.

And to end the hot, sweaty day of fun we had to get some ice cold refreshments!

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