Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer Fun {June 2016}

Given Kyle's profession he is very busy from August through March. So when summer comes around we can't wait for lots of family time! The past few summers we have consciously tried to do (at least) 1 fun family activity each week. It's always fun when Daddy is around more, but it is also helpful for Mommy to have more eyes and hands on deck ;)

Here's a look at our family fun so far this summer:

Summer is in session!

We kicked off the summer on Memorial Day with a trip to the splash pad! This was Kolter's 1st time to play independently at a splash pad and he LOVED it!

The other kids also had a blast!

The 1st week of June I took the big kids to their 1st circus! The kids loved the elephants, motorcycles in the big metal ball, acrobats and camels! Mommy also learned a good lesson…let them bring their own money to the circus. The circus tickets were quite reasonable but the activities cost an outrageous amount! Lesson learned ;)

Nora with her Twilight Sparkle face paint

Cotton candy for a snack

Seeing elephants up close for the 1st time

We've also been spending lots of time at the pool! This is the 1st summer where all the kids feel comfortable in the water. We were unsure if Kolter would like the water because he screamed bloody murder during every shower he had to take at the rental house. But he surprised us all with his love (and lack of fear) for the water. Sawyer and Nora are also making great strides in their swimming abilities. Before this summer Sawyer wouldn't even put his head under the water. Now they are both swimming underwater. Nora is even mastering summersaults! While I wouldn't say they are completely independent they are learning, having fun and not clinging onto me ;)

Pool days #itsgettinghotinhere

This kid took right to the water #fearless #hehasthegear

The 2nd week of June we had 2 fun activities…VBS and the Science Museum (see previous post). The kids had a blast at VBS. They loved the songs and sing them all the time. They loved the games! And each night they were able to tell us all they had learned. Yeah for VBS and our new church!

We even brought home a new family member…Henry the huge lobster, Sawyer won it for all the friends he brought to VBS

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