Monday, July 18, 2016

Chillin' in Cali {10th Anniversary, Part 1}

Well we've essentially been traveling for the last month, so lets do a little catching up. At the end of June Kyle and I dropped off the kids with the grandparents and headed to California for our 10th anniversary trip! We were beyond excited to have a little adult time and it was my 1st time in CA!

We flew from OKC to DFW to PHX to BUR.

We landed in Burbank around lunch time and we decided to fulfill Kyle's one and only request for the trip…a visit to In-N-Out. Sidenote: you will quickly learn a lot of our time revolved around eating ;)
The burgers were as delicious as advertised.

After our fast food frenzy we headed north to wine country, specifically Solvang, CA. This was the impetus for the whole trip because we were going to our friend, John's wedding.

We got there on Friday evening, changed clothes and headed to the rehearsal dinner. It was a fun night of catching up with friends we've known forever!

The next day we did the tourist thing and walked around Solvang, which is a quaint Danish community. The guys tried on hats…I think this Gilliganesque fashion will catch on, don't you?

For lunch we ate at an authentic Danish restaurant and stopped at a Danish bakery (my favorite part).

Then it was time to get ready for the nuptials. This is my 1st attempt at wearing wedges. I'm not usually a high heel girl, but it was kind of fun to step out of my comfort zone. Though I quickly learned walking on uneven surfaces (i.e. gravel and grass) was not the best idea.

All dressed up for the wedding. The wedding venue was at a winery and it was a beautiful setting.

The food was delicious, the ceremony was sweet, the sunset was spectacular and the company was great. We both remarked it was one of the best weddings we've ever been too!

A selfie for the guest book

Kyle, John and Blake together forever ;)
Later on in the trip we remarked it was the perfect mixture of having fun with friends, recharging our relationship and relaxing. Well this was certainly the fun with friends part!

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