Friday, July 22, 2016

Chillin' in Cali {10th Anniversary, Part 3}

Our time in Malibu included a lot of food and relaxation. On Monday we headed straight for the beach. We chose Surfrider's beach and spent the day watching the surfers catch waves, visiting the pier (where they happened to be shooting a movie), and reading/relaxing in the sand.

putting our toes in the Pacific Ocean for the 1st time

beach selfie

Not a bad view. I was diligent with my sunscreen application, but I realized a bit too late that I couldn't turn over onto my stomach…this resulted in a pretty severe sunburn that plagued the rest of the trip…actually the entire next week I had great difficulty walking because of shooting pains in my shin :(

Kyle also had a pretty severe sun related accident. We decided to eat dinner on the beach (Malibu Farm Cafe), so he graciously took our supplies back to the car before we headed to the restaurant. In the process he burned his feet on the sand and got 4-5 large burn blisters on the bottom of his feet. Lets just say by the 2nd day in Malibu we were in pretty bad shape, but we didn't let that stop our fun.

Instead of going to the beach the 2nd day we slept in, read inside, ate gelato, went to John's Garden take-out and even went to a movie (which we never have time for at home).

Thankfully, the 3rd day was overcast, so we decided to brave the beach again. We went to Point Dume where I covered up and read for the morning and Kyle took a walk around the cove.

my 2nd beach day

Then that evening we went out to dinner on the beach at Malibu Seafood

a view from our drive

fish & chips at Malibu Seafood

After dinner on the beach we tried to catch sunset on the beach, but it was too overcast. It was still a beautiful sight!

I should mention during our time in Malibu we stayed in the guest house in the mountains. We booked it through Air bob (our 1st experience) and it could not have been more perfect! It was private and secluded but still close to town. The house was well accommodated and it fit our needs perfectly!

Our last night in CA we ended up going to bed early because we had a 3:30 am wake up call in order to make it back to Burbank for our 7 am flight. Long story short we woke up at 3:30 am and thanks to delayed flights, subsequent missed connections and airline support error we didn't arrive home until 1:30 am the next day (without our luggage I might add…which really at that point didn't concern us at all!). It was a LONG day of traveling, but we so enjoyed our trip to CA. It was the perfect mix of being with friends, relaxing, sightseeing and being just the 2 of us. We are so thankful for this week to celebrate our marriage, friendship and life together. And a big thank you to the grandparents for taking on the task of watching our 3 kids! They had a blast and barely even cared we were gone!

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