Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Chillin' in Cali {10th Anniversary, Part 2}

Sunday, after the wedding festivities, we decided to travel south again for a day of sightseeing in LA. Neither of us had super high hopes for this day, but since it was my first time in CA I felt obligated to check it out. We dreaded the crowds, the heat and the traffic, but this day was surprisingly fun!

First up Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame.

Kyle checking out Dick Van Dyke's hand and footprint and Chevy Chase's star.

Me in front of Jimmy Kimmel's star (I couldn't find Jimmy Fallon's ;) and some other notable stars

The Hollywood sign way off in the distance

After the crazy crowds in Hollywood we decided to do a little driving tour of Sunset Boulevard (above) and Beverly Hills. While in Beverly Hills we randomly stopped for gas and wouldn't you know there was a celebrity in front of us getting gas. We recognized him right away (though we couldn't actually name him), so I inconspicuously took a picture.

Our CA friends recommended we head to downtown LA and visit the Grand Central Market. This foodie paradise was right up our alley.

There were tons of food vendors. After quickly perusing some online reviews I ordered a gordita from Ana Maria's (Mexican cuisine) and Kyle ordered a burger from Belcampo Meat Co. The food was AMAZING! Truth be told it was so hot I also ordered ice cream from McConnell's Fine Ice Creamery (lets be honest I don't really need an excuse to order ice cream ;) We also purchased some produce and dried fruit for our time at the beach.

We were planning on going out for a fancy dinner in LA, but all the heat and activity had drained our energy so that was a wrap for our day in LA. Next we headed to our final destination, Malibu.

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