Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hot Springs {Glenwood Springs}

The kids were all about swimming, so the majority of our time in Glenwood Springs was spent at the Hot Springs Pool. It's the largest hot spring pool in the world and 1 of their pools is over 2 football fields long. It's so nice and warm!

The 1st day we were there we went for a night swim and while the air was chilly the water was so warm. The kids quickly got used to the salt water and loved playing in the water with their cousins. There were jumping contests, water gun fights, games of tag and much more!

Warning: Picture overload!

My goggle heads

This kid is fearless and he loved to jump off the side. Eventually he wore us out and just started jumping in without someone to catch him. All the strangers thought he was the cutest…I guess I can't argue with that ;)

Sawyer (above) trying out a cannonball, while Nora (below) is perfecting her belly flop

Synchronized sibling jumps (below:)

Aunt Christina and her brood

There were also a few breaks for snacks and silliness.

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