Monday, July 25, 2016

Family Vacation {Glenwood Springs}

After returning home from CA Kyle traveled to KS to pick up the kids and I unpacked/re-packed for our trip to CO. On July 5th we all hopped in the van and headed towards Glenwood Springs, CO for a family reunion/vacation!

Someone was a little tired on the drive and just couldn't be bothered

We stayed at a campground in a tiny house! After the 12 hour trek the kids were pretty tired the next morning so they did some relaxing and Disney watching.

Kolter is pretty fierce with a pool noodle.
Our trip involved nearly 40 family members and around 1/2 of those were kids age 10 and under!
Thankfully, one of Glenwood Springs main attractions are the hot springs which means we had lots of fun in the water.

The cousins all enjoyed spending time together. During our evening meals they often gathered around to tell stories.

The kiddos also enjoyed grandparent time!

And we  had lots of fun family time…don't let their faces fool you they were having fun…in fact they were having so much fun they didn't want to stop and take the picture ;)

The boys twinning in blue shirts
Exploring the campground and taking in the beautiful mountains

And to end our trip some crazy kids at IKEA…we are gluttons for punishment. Just a parental tip…IKEA is probably the last place you should take 3 kids after 2 weeks of vacation and with 12 hours of driving ahead of you.

Lots more about our CO adventures in the days to come!

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