Friday, January 29, 2016


You may have noticed I have been eluding to a transition. In fact, we are right in the middle of a major transition. Kyle took a new job as a defensive coordinator at Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma. The last 2 months have been a whirlwind, but I'll give you a cliff notes version

December 8th: Kyle was offered the new job
December 14th: Kyle's resignation was announced and he told the team
December 17th: We met with the realtor to list our home
December 18th: Kyle's last day at Malone

Kyle's going away reception for the team…and Nora with her best friend, Eric

December 19th-January 1st: Traveled to CO for the holidays
December 22nd: House pictures were taken

I took this picture as we walked out the door for the airport…it was the cleanest our house had ever been ;) We spent a lot of time cleaning and doing house projects that week

December 23rd: House officially listed
January 1st: Received an offer on the house, Returned from CO

My boys sipping together during Daddy's final meal in OH.

January 2nd: Kyle left for OK, after some negotiations house offer accepted
January 7th: House inspection
January 23rd: Moving day

The last few weeks have been incredibly crazy as we try to sell a house, say our good-byes and find a new home, but we are so thankful for this new opportunity and all the many blessings we have received along the way!
Our church family has been so incredibly supportive and helpful! Just to give you an example…the first week Kyle was gone so many people offered their help. In the span of 4 hours one morning I received texts offering to deliver boxes, an invitation to dinner, an offer to watch the kids and help with the house projects from the inspection. That was just 1 morning! There were so many offers to watch the kids, bring boxes or help in whatever way we needed. It made leaving so much more difficult ;) We will so miss the church and the friendships we have built.

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  1. So happy for you guys...and loved seeing the quick way that you transitioned with seeming grace and strength. Can't wait to keep tabs on you guys as you begin your new adventure. :)