Monday, January 18, 2016

Sawyer's Birthday

Someone in our house turned 6 last week!

We had a fun day of celebration including: balloons and a banner when he woke up, his favorite breakfast (scrambled eggs), school with fun treats, a party at Chuck E. Cheese and lots of fun gifts!

This is his typical pose…enjoying his eggs
His treats for school were rice krispie Lego's…two of his favorite things. He and Nora even helped make them.

Sawyer wanted TMNT cookies, but when we got to the bakery and he saw all the cakes he changed his mind. He got to choose the cake of his dreams ;) and the bakery did a wonderful job! Ironically, he is not much of a sweets eater, so he probably only had 2 bites of the whole thing.

He's been anticipating a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party for well over 6 months, so needless to say he was a little excited ;)

He loved every minute of the games, food, gifts and the ticket blaster!

Playing a game with his friend, Grady
the whole gang
blowing out his candle
He had a lot of fun with the ticket blaster

Honestly, he didn't really care about the tickets. His favorite part was playing games with his friends!

After a few hours of games, pizza, cake and cotton candy…it was time to call it a day. I think it was a successful party. This was our first outside of the house, pay-someone-else-to-do-it party. We went that route due to some transition in our own life and I'm so glad we did! It was low key and exactly what Sawyer wanted!

Sawyer's 6 year post is going to be very tardy since I don't even have his well child appointment scheduled, but it will be coming someday ;)

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