Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas in CO

We're back from our holiday travels! We had such a wonderful time visiting lots of family!

 All ready to get on the airplane. And yes, the kids are playing tag at the airport food court…they needed to get their wiggles out before being confined for 3 hours ;)

Unfortunately, Sawyer was sick before we left OH. When we got to CO he was still battling a high fever and a pretty bad head cold. As evidenced by him actually sleeping during the day!

We arrived in CO the weekend before Christmas so we had lots of time to relax and recover after a very busy holiday season (more to come on that). We built a gingerbread train with Nana. Though I think the kids enjoyed eating the candy more than the building.

We even had time for bubble popping and reading snuggles. Unfortunately, as Sawyer got better the rest of us got worse :( Kolter fell, then Mommy and Daddy and then Nora. We all had severe head colds and the kids all had high fevers. However, we didn't let squelch our holiday spirit!

Nora loved playing with Morgan (her only girl cousin on the Rush side) and Sawyer loved messing with Uncle Kale!

all the cousins on Christmas Eve (only missing Colten and Ryker)
The week prior to Christmas I was busy buying items to fill 26 stockings! It was so much fun playing Santa!

Opening their stockings on Christmas morning 

Listening to G-pa read the Christmas story
our little family of 5 on Christmas morning 

One of the favorite gifts of the day was the crash pad Papa got for each family…I see lots of fun times and injuries ahead ;)

 More Papa, Tache, Nana and Ryker opening their gifts

 Kolter was under the weather, but he composed himself enough to open gifts. He loved the stuffed Batman and his basketball hoop

 Since he wasn't feeling well Kolter got lots of snuggles…Aunt Wendy and Aunt Katherine each took a turn

 After all the gift opening the kids had a blast playing with their new toys. Nora loved all her My Little Pony toys!

Sawyer loved his new building toys and cousin Josiah had a blast with his light saber!

We had a great time visiting with family from near and far! I love watching all the cousins playing together! After our time in CO we jumped in the car and headed to KS to see more family. However, before we left we took Kolter to urgent care because he was still miserable after having a fever for 6 days. He was diagnosed with a double ear infection and he received his first ever antibiotics.

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