Monday, February 22, 2016

Our 1st home

A few weeks ago we closed on the sell of our first house. We are now in the process of purchasing another house, but I thought it would be a fitting goodbye to our home in Ohio if we did a little before and after. The before pictures were taken the day we took possession of the house. The after pictures were taken when listing the house. There were many phases during the remodeling process and it took all of the six years we lived there ;) but in the end we loved our first little house!

Before: overgrown trees and bushes, no shutters, ugly garage door, driveway eroding away

After: new landscaping, shutters, screen door, garage door and updated driveway


Back exterior of the house…this is an after picture, but not much really changed other than new windows and a new back garage door.

The kitchen was probably our biggest transformation!
Before: old laminate countertops, outdated cabinetry, lace curtains, pink tile backsplash, old vinyl flooring, a seriously vintage stove and oven

After: painted cabinets, new hardware, new stainless steel appliances, new countertop, new tile backsplash, custom built pantry, new flooring, new lighting


Dining room before: nasty carpet, old lace curtains and rotting window

Dining room after: new flooring, new window, new lighting, wainscoting, curtains

Living room before: old carpet, ugly trim

Living room after: new floors, curtains, paint and decor

Basement (family room) before: old paneling, ceiling fans you could run your head into and burgundy carpet

Basement (family room, play room,  office) after: new carpet, fresh paint, new windows, built in desk and shelves, new lighting.

Nora's room before: old blue carpet, ugly trim and doors

Nora's room after: new paint and trim, refinished wood floors and lots of girly decor

Kid's bath before: poorly laid peel-in-stick tile, old paneling, rusted vents, ugly borders, peeling wall paper, nasty vanity, poor lighting and no mirrors

Kid's bath after: new paint, trim lighting, sink, faucet, flooring and toilet; painted vanity added custom door

Nursery/Boy's room before: wine colored carpet and old trim and doors

This is the room that probably went through the most phases…it began as a nursery for Sawyer, became a room for Sawyer and Nora, then finally became the boys room.
Nursery/Boy's room after: refinished wood floors, new paint, new windows, updated lighting

Master bedroom before: old window, red carpet, ugly doors and trim

Master bedroom after: new carpet, paint, new trim, painted doors, updated lighting

Master bath before: poorly laid peel-in-stick tile, floral wallpaper, old lighting, poor layout

Master bath after: new shower door, new flooring, new toilet, new vanity, marble backsplash, new lighting, new mirror, new trim

Our 1st home was certainly a labor of love, but we were so thankful for it and it worked perfectly for our family even as we grew from a family of 3 with an infant to a growing family of 5!

Now on to our next house adventure!

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