Monday, January 11, 2016

Thru Daddy's Eyes

I recently uploaded the pictures from Kyle's phone. It's kind of fun to see life from his viewpoint. So here's a look back from 2014-2015…we obviously don't upload his phone often ;)

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): Mommy and Nora, Nora and ice cream, brotherly/sisterly love, my on the go big boy sitting still, Sawyer painting pumpkins, Sawyer sledding, Sawyer "helping" Papa install a toilet, our caged animals, Mommy reading to Nora and Sawyer, Nora/Buzz Lightyear, Nora loving her hat, Sawyer sporting Daddy's hoodie, Sawyer's birthday party at Skyzone, my 2 big boys not feeling well.

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): brand new Kolter, Nora and her ice cream, Sawyer and Nora building a fort in the Malone gym, napping Kolter, Mema and Nora on a walk, Nora and her tutu, Nora in a basket, Sawyer on a carousel, Daddy and Sawyer Lego creations, the Schenk's and the Penner's along for the ride, Nora modeling her new dress made by Mommy, Kolter giving Daddy big eyes

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): meeting cousin Cadence, Mommy walking hand-in-hand with the kiddos, feeding ducks, Kolter is a daddy look-a-like, cute Kolter, Kolter meeting Papa Randy, crazy Nora wearing her helmet backward, bike ride, early Kolter laughs, date day at the Cleveland food truck festival, Mommy swimming with Nora, Kolter and Mommy, cute cousins, Putt-Putt and ice cream, Mommy with her kiddos, Nora enjoying a s'more during our annual camping trip, family snuggles, my 4th of July fireworks

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): sibling love, Hope Peterson and the kiddos eating, Nora at the Madison zoo, the Schenk/Peterson girls, Mommy loving on her big kiddos, Sawyer and cousin Noah playing in the Wisconsin Dells, Nora at the train restaurant, Daddy brainwashing baby Kolter, Sawyer proud of building his pirate ship, cousins in a goal, adorable Nora, Sawyer talking to Kolter

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): Daddy Nora date to Build-A-Bear for a new outfit for Mr. Bear, picnic and playing in the park and ice cream to finish; Daddy/Mommy date to the HOF game; Kolter and his rolls and dimple; Nora loving the pigs at the county fair; one of my favorite candids of Nora; Sawyer trying not to laugh; Sawyer proud of his Lego creation; Sawyer sliding down the slip'n'slide at Family Fun Day (Parkside Church); Sawyer being brave and riding a horse at Family Fun Day; Sawyer my construction boy; Sawyer the skeleton; Sawyer and his tools; early morning sibling snuggles; Nora showing off her art work; a fort building session at Papa & Nana's; all ready for the football banquet; Kristen riding a saw horse for her 30th birthday; Kolter standing; Daddy/Kolter snuggles

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): Sawyer and Nora playing around the KS farm; Sawyer and Gracie playing at the farm; cousins and a John Deere tractor; Papa cutting down a tree with the kiddos; Mommy/Sawyer snuggles; Nora loving her "flower" from Daddy; Sawyer's birthday party at Skyzone, Sawyer's birthday party with Jake and Griffin; Nora sledding for the 1st time, Nora making a snow angel, Sawyer making a snow angel; Kolter and his bottle, Sawyer enjoying the Malone carnival and being brave petting animals, Nora and Sawyer working out with Mommy, Daddy built the kiddos a swing set.

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): Kyle caught an alligator during his football team mission trip to New Orleans, family nature walk, Kolter in his favorite spot atop the table, Kolter rocking the shade, Kolter loving his ball, Sawyer and Nora enjoying ice cream at Sawyer's soccer picnic, first family bike ride with all 5 of us, 3 kiddos ready for homemade ice cream, Kolter teething, soaked Sawyer and Daddy at the zoo, we got caught in a downpour at the zoo so Mommy and Nora took selfless to pass the time, Kolter always wants to do what the big kids are doing, he has to wear a cape too!

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): Mommy and Kolter selfie, Sawyer being brave and touching a fish Uncle Troy caught, Sawyer catching his very own fish, Nora and Papa driving the tractor together (KS harvest), Nora riding KS style in the back of the truck with her friend Culley Fish, a view of the KS prairie from the tractor, a baby in a bean bag, Kolter driving his own tractor, Daddy and Kolter walking  the streets of Smith Center, Mema showing off her garage sale cash, Papa and Nora hand in hand, Mommy and Kolter on a train ride at Tuscora Park, Daddy caught a fish, Kyle's panoramic view during the football leadership retreat, climbing and cliff jumping during the retreat, Kolter getting face-to-face with Daddy, Kyle's official Malone picture, Daddy loves Kolter in a hoodie

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): naked kids lifting "weights" like Mommy, my Super Sawyer, Sawyer disguising himself in a pillow case, cute Kolter, Kolter checking out the fall fest at Parkside Church, Kolter enjoying the corn pit at fall fest, brotherly snuggles, sibling snuggles, Kolter being a big kid in Sawyer's beanie and using Nora's markers, Kyle trying to catch me "exercising" while waiting for the train into NYC, beautiful church in NYC, riding bikes in Central Park, there was a quinceanera photo shoot in Central Park so we had to take a picture, waiting on the subway train in NYC, One World Trade Center, trying the pizza fare in NYC, Kolter oohing over his new football Lego man we made in NYC, Sawyer and Nora loved their Lego figurines too, Mommy and Nora snuggle time in bed, Kolter getting a ride in Target, Kolter loving his bath, Kolter and Daddy selfie, Mommy and Kolter reading, family walk after our Thanksgiving meal, crazy Nora in her too-big beanie, Sawyer at an OH state football game at the Buckeye's stadium, silly Sawyer licking his toast, celebrating our 10 year anniversary a little early at The Rail with a sick kid in tow (he actually took the picture), Kolter getting ready for the Star Wars premiere.

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