Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1st Semester {Pre-K}

Sawyer loves Weaver, his teachers and his friends! We are so blessed to have him at Weaver!

Here's a sampling of his work from the 1st semester:

He has finally shown some interest in writing. He especially likes to make lists. This was the first list he made at school and it lists all the animal powers he would like ;)

paragraph explaining the above picture

Translation: I see a orange pumpkin

Sawyer is also enjoying learning to read. At the beginning of the semester he learned his color words.

I love this picture! Sawyer drew himself and added crazy hair because he "had crazy hair" that day (i.e. he needed a hair cut ;) Then his classmates wrote things about him.

Some holiday crafts

Thanksgiving is…Jesus dying on the cross, picking cranberries
What would you take on the Mayflower…sun, daddy, pillow, moon, Earth, bed, spider wall, snake, Elmo and fire
This was Sawyer's first letter. Technically he wrote it at home, but it was for his teacher. Translation: I miss you Mrs. Delap. I love beans, my mom and dad. I like Buckeye guys. I love Kolter.

This is Sawyer's first make at home project. They were studying rural/urban/suburban communities and each student was assigned a different community building/place. Sawyer was assigned a suburban fire station. He and Daddy designed and created the fire station. Daddy did most of the construction and Sawyer painted it and added the details (like the fire bell and the fire pole).

Sawyer making a kindness chain at school
I had the pleasure of serving in Sawyer's class several times. They had a couple of theme days and I helped with the crafts. Sawyer loved visiting Mommy's station!

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