Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On the road again {Family Vacation 2015}

After a few days in Smith Center we made our way south to my Dad's house. We spent a few days celebrating Nora's birthday, fishing, enjoying the 4th of July and relaxing.

A little early birthday celebration for Nora…she loved the rainbow sprinkle cake

Nora LOVES flowers and the rose bush at Papa and Grandma's was calling her name
Kolter being silly with Papa

We also had an injury that I thought was going to break our no emergency room streak…Kyle and Sawyer had been wrestling around. Kyle sat on the couch for a rest, but Sawyer had other ideas. He jumped at Kyle and Kyle flinched…it ended with Kyle's elbow hitting Sawyer on the bridge of his nose/eye socket. Kyle heard a crack. I heard screaming. Sawyer's nose immediately swelled up. His head was hurting him. We didn't know if he had a broken nose or a concussion. Kyle, in all of his sports expertise (i.e. his own broken noses and concussions), ran a few tests and determined his nose wasn't broken. So, he spent the rest of the evening curled up with Grandma, some ice and cartoons.

He was fine the next day, but his nose bruise and black eye (which is kind of hard to see in the pictures) lasted a few weeks.

One morning we went fishing
Nora caught the 1st fish…about 5 minutes after we started
Sawyer patiently waiting

After catching the 1st fish she was done…here she is using her imagination to get Mommy

On the way to a different part of the pond

Papa and Sawyer caught a bull frog
After a few days at Papa and Grandma's we traveled a few more miles down the road to Papa and Tache's house to visit them and Papa and Nana.

It was steamy hot, so we decided to visit the community water park.

Sawyer going down the slide

Kolter on the lazy river with More Papa

Kolter leading Papa and Nana around ;)

After swimming we were all tired! Sawyer and Nora slept in the same bed most of the trip. And for the most part they did really well! Some mornings Sawyer would tell us Nora wouldn't stop talking so he had a hard time falling asleep ;)

One night I went into their room and found them holding hands. How precious!

And these 2 are always wrestling around
We had such a fun time visiting all the grandparents! It was a short, but sweet time! Now we can't wait for the holidays so we can see them again.

Next up…the 4th of July…finally ;)

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