Wednesday, July 15, 2015

1st stop…Chi-town {Family Vacation 2015}

We're back from our 2 week family vacation! I can't wait to share all the fun! Beware…you will be seeing a lot of family pics over the next week or so.

We hit the open road after the kids finished VBS on Friday. Our 1st destination was a weekend stop in Chicago to visit the T. Schenk's. The kids were so excited to see Gracie and Nolan! The drive went well until we hit Chicago traffic…it took 3 hours to get through the city. That grid lock consisted of Sawyer peeing out the door of the van while stopped waiting in a toll line and Nora using the little potty inside the van while we were stuck in traffic. But we did make it ;)

It was a quick visit, but we packed a lot in! The kids had a blast playing together!

cousin love
On Saturday morning the dads took the big kids fishing at their community lake. The kids had fun catching fish and exploring.
he tried for hours…he was so patient…but alas it was not his day to catch a fish
my 3 boys
it's like herding cats to get a picture of all of them
until you  tell them to act crazy…then they are all in
We ate at Smashburger and had some amazing cupcakes for lunch.

the girls
Nora loves Uncle Troy…this girl is totally drawn to the men in her life
these two…love and trouble all wrapped up ;)

After naps and rest time we hit the beach for some water fun. 
these 2 back together again

this is a big step for Sawyer…jumping off by himself…even if there is only 1 ft of water
Nolan the fish

excited to be in the water and eating sand apparently

a couple of my favorite 3 year olds
sharing a towel on the way home
Gracie carefully combing Nora's hair after their shower
a moment of quite coloring
snuggles with Aunt Candace

We miss living close to these guys! But we had a great visit!

Next stop…Kansas

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