Monday, July 13, 2015

A new obsession = a new creation

My big boy has recently become obsessed with Wild Kratts. As previously noted from his Octonauts obsession the boy loves learning about animals. When we go to the zoo he can tell me all kinds of facts about the wild life. For example, one day at the zoo he declares, "Look Mom, it's a Moray Eel!" Sure, okay...I have no idea, I'll take your word for it ;) Ironically he is also terrified of touching all animals.

But I digress, back to Wild Kratts. He loves pretending to be the Kratt brothers and pretending to use different creature power discs. One day he asked me to make 2 power suits for him and Nora. He never asks me to make anything, so of course I had to fulfill his wish.

We went to the fabric store and he chose the fabrics (with a little guidance ;) then I proceeded to create a few power suits. There are several tutorials available for all levels of sewing (even some no-sew options). Just do a Pinterest search if you need help with construction.

Here are all the pieces cut out
My sewing partner for the day…he was so anxious for them to be done

The final product

I wanted to get a good picture of them wearing their power suits, but they were too excited to sit still ;)

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