Friday, July 17, 2015

1st Week in our Hometown {Family Vacation 2015}

Our 1st week in KS was spent at the family farm in our hometown. After a joyous reunion with Papa and Mema we jumped into country life. The kids gardened with Mema and got to participate in their first harvest. We also started work on Mema's big daycare retirement garage sale. Oh yes, and we can't forget the celebration of Daddy's birthday!

checking out the fruit trees with Mema
 Enjoying eating mulberries right off the tree

this guy was in his element, driving the tractor all over
FFA (future farmers of America)
Watering the apricot trees with Mema
Sawyer loved this helmet and Kolter loves anything Sawyer loves

Kolter's 1st taste of corn on the cob

On Kyle's birthday we celebrated with his favorite lunch: bacon cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, french fries, pound cake (made by me and Nora) and homemade ice cream (his favorite made by Mema).

That night we went out for dinner in Franklin, NE. After dinner we visited the local park that also had a small war memorial honoring all of the area veterans. The kids enjoyed seeing the military vehicles.

We even found Kyle's grandpa's brick (Kolter middle name is in honor of Lynn Howard Schenk)

Nora loved playing at the park…in a Christmas dress…crazy girl

enjoying a milkshake courtesy of Mema
the kids also enjoyed lots of Papa time…his hands were pretty full

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