Friday, July 3, 2015

15 months

My baby is 1 1/4 years old!

While you are getting bigger you still look so little when you sleep
15 month stats:
20 lb. 4 oz. (13%)
30 inches (8%)
head circumference 18%

You are small, but mighty!

You still LOVE a ball! If you spot a ball you start hyperventilating until you have possession

You now have 9 teeth including 1 molar

You love to "jump" and "dance"

You can clap and give high fives

Your words include: Dada, Mama, baba (pacifier), ball, uh-oh. You are starting to say more words by repeating us (please, hi, etc), but the words I listed are the ones you say without prompting

You climb everything including the ladder on the play set, the kitchen table, on boxes, on the bar stools. You are pretty fearless.

You love playing Get Back Up There with Daddy

You still adore Sawyer. Every morning when we get you out of bed you look up to the top bunk to check on Sawyer. And at night, if you go to bed together, you have brother bonding time

You LOVE your pacifier (baba)! You usually only get it at sleep times, but you get so excited when you see it. And when you get out of bed you make it a game to throw it back in the bed

You don't really watch television yet, but you do seem to enjoy Sesame Street when it's on

You LOVE to be outside! If someone walks outside without you screams will ensue. If I tell you it's time to leave you will go get your shoes for me.

Sometimes you take a morning nap (1 hour), but when we are out and about you only take 1 nap (1-5 pm usually) then you sleep from 8 am - 6:30're a pretty great sleeper!

You recently enjoyed your first real swimming experience. You were quite fearless, attempting to walk into deeper waters quite often

You wear size 18 month clothes, size 3 diapers and size 5 shoes

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