Monday, July 20, 2015

Harvest {Family Vacation 2015}

While we were in Kansas the kids got to experience their first wheat harvest. It was a brief harvest, due to some cold temperatures last winter, but the kids loved riding out to the field to deliver meals and of course riding with Papa in the combine.

Sawer waiting for Papa to come around with the combine

the kids greeting Papa as he heads in for dinner
Sawyer inspecting the wheat
you never know who will show up in the field when it's eatin' time

Sawyer excited for his ride in the combine
3 generations of 3rd Schenk boys

getting a wheat education
a lasting image from our time in KS…my heart in a wheat field
Amber waves of grain…ready for harvest
The kids loved learning how to extract the seeds and chew on them…they may have eaten other parts too ;) On the last night of harvest Sawyer was riding in the combine with Papa. Mema went to pick him up and bring him home. Sawyer's response, "No Mema, we have more wheat to cut!" So he went around one more time ;)

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