Monday, September 1, 2014

5 months

Kolter you are such a joy! You go with the flow and are typically very happy.

If someone talks to you,  you will reward them with a smile.

You love mommy! If you hear my voice you will scan your eyes until you find me.

You love your exersaucer. When mommy can't hold you or needs to take a shower you will gladly play in the exersaucer for at least 30 minutes.

This month you found your voice. You squeak and squeal throughout the day.

You also figured out how to blow bubbles and blow raspberries.

Mommy went off dairy and your temperament got even better. You rarely cry in the evening.

You also started going to the chiropractor for your reflux. You went from spitting up 15 times a day to 3-5 times a day.

Your sleeping habits are temperamental. Some nights you sleep all night, even longer than your older siblings (9 pm - 8 am). Then other nights you wake up once anywhere from midnight until 5 am. It's all very random, but thankfully you always go right back to sleep.

You roll from your back to tummy and your tummy to back. However, since you are so content you usually don't care to roll around.

You are still swaddled in your Woombie and take a pacifier when you fall asleep.

Your eyes remain blue.

Your rolls are increasing by the day.

Your hair is starting to come in and it is very light blonde.

You giggle and laugh often.

You are very ticklish on your feet and neck. And if we blow a raspberry on your belly we are guaranteed a giggle.

You found your feet this month. You like to grab them and put them in your mouth.

You save most of your laughs for mommy tickling or Sawyer messing around. If Sawyer is being silly and jumping around you are enamored and will continuously laugh.

You have been to several football practices this month and you love to be outside.

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