Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Game Day Gear

With football season upon us it was time for me to plan out our game day apparel. When I looked at our selection I knew something had to be done. Sawyer did not have any Malone gear that fit. Nora's football dress from last year had seen better days. And I was getting bored with my small selection of t-shirts.

So I pulled out a few t-shirts and started creating. For Sawyer I used a youth t-shirt that was too large for him. I took it in on the sides and cut off the sleeves to create a baseball style tee. I used the tutorial from Make It and Love It.

For Nora's I once again used an oversize t-shirt. Then I had to add some girly touches. Nora and I went to the fabric store and she picked out a red and navy blue fabric. The navy fabric features sparkly silver hears which is so Nora. I created 2 ruffles at the bottom, cut off the sleeves and added 2 ties to the neckline.

For my new shirt I utilized 2 of Kyle's old shirts to create a baseball tee. I followed the same instructions as I did with Sawyer's shirt. I'm really loving a baseball tee right now and this project was pretty simple since I used original hem on the bottom of the shirt and the sleeves.

And here is my girl modeling her dress. 

I did not make anything for Kolter, but don't feel bad he has an MU onesie I originally made for Sawyer. However, for the 1st game I dressed him a navy and red striped shirt and I just LOVE it on him. His eyes really pop.

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