Friday, September 5, 2014

1st Day of Preschool 2014

On September 2nd Sawyer started his second year of preschool. He will be going three days a week and is going to the same school this year. He has two new teachers that just happen to be two of his friend's mothers. He is having a hard time calling them Miss _____ and not _____ Mom.

Last week he went to preschool orientation and had a blast getting to meet his teachers and see his new classroom. He kept his sunglasses on the entire time :)

On his first day he dressed up as a knight, played with new and old friends, played with tools, pretended to be a doctor, went outside and celebrated a classmates birthday. They read books, sang songs and talked about the weather. When I picked him up he was ecstatic! He loved his first day and can't wait to go back.

can you spot Sawyer in this picture?
On the way home he told me "I didn't listen a little. But I did listen a LOT!"

I can't believe my baby is getting so big!

And to celebrate a successful 1st day we celebrated with Fro-yo for lunch. He thoroughly enjoyed school and the ice cream!

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