Monday, September 8, 2014

Game #1

On Saturday we went to Columbus, OH for Malone's first game of the season. The Pioneers took on the panthers of #10 Ohio Dominican University.

The closest I could get to 3 smiles
all ready for the game
Me and Kolter watching the game
Nora was so excited to go to the first game she asked me if she could tackle some of the football players.

Sawyer completely oblivious about the game and playing with his sword stick
As a fan you never know what to expect the first game, especially when competing against a top ranked team. The 1st half started out poorly and ODU was quickly up by 2 touchdowns. Then the Pioneers turned it up and over the rest of the 1st half the offense scored a couple of times and the defense held strong. The final minutes of the 1st half were pretty intense as the Pioneers scored late bringing the score to ODU 17 and MU 14 at the half. We were beyond thrilled to be within 3 points halfway through the game.

Nora loved watching the cheerleaders
While we were on a high during halftime out spirits quickly deflated in the 2nd half with several turnovers by MU and touchdowns by ODU. I won't go into details, but the final score was 59-14.

Me and my girl
The kids did well during the game. Sawyer played with friends under the bleachers. Nora brought her doctor bag and went throughout the crowd giving people check-ups.  And Kolter slept during all the driving and watched the game on my lap.

With Daddy after the game
Kolter's 1st football game

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