Monday, September 22, 2014

Game #3

Malone had their 1st night game of the year this Saturday as they took on the Wayne State Warriors. It was a beautiful evening for football. As the game began the Pioneers gained momentum with the defense recovering fumbles and making interceptions. It was an exciting first half and the Pioneers went into half-time with the lead 15-10.

However, the Pioneers didn't fare so well in the second half as they fell to the Warriors 39-15.

On the bright side the kids LOVED having Mema at the game! I'm always a little apprehensive about night games since they don't start until 7 pm and once the sun goes down my kids often melt down. But they actually did pretty well. 

Sawyer enjoying the game with his friends and Nora sad that Mema has to leave after the game.

Kolter chilling in his car seat in the 1st half and sound asleep in the 2nd half. 

Kolter was enamored with the lights and band.

In the 2nd half I broke out the iPad and the kids swarmed. I don't typically bring electronics to games, but considering it was way past their bed time I wanted to avoid any meltdowns. Toy Story did the trick :)

Greeting Kyle/Daddy after the game

Sawyer stole someone's helmet

Nora still sad to see Mema go…she really wanted to fly to the farm with Grandma :(

and an attempt at a family picture at 11 pm…oh boy!

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