Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Lovin' {July 2014}

As I mentioned in my June post we are trying to do one fun family activity each week this summer. Here are our July acitivities (not including our week'o'fun in the Dells).

One week we visited our community pool, Dogwood Pool.
my fish
These pictures are a little deceiving. While Nora loved the water, Sawyer spent most of the time screaming about how cold he was. Even Kolter enjoyed the water fun.

Nora playing at the splash pad

Sawyer having a bad attitude and trying to get warm
Once a month in the summer our local library hosts family film Friday. This night the movie in the park was Despicable Me 2.
they made minion hats
then stood in line for balloons

After waiting in line for over an hour Sawyer chose a snake balloon, which I'm pretty sure he could have made himself :) Nora chose the more complex pink monkey.

Kolter was having fun on the blanket.

we met some of our friends at the movie and all the kids loved the show even though it was way past their bed time.
And to continue our annual family tradition we headed south to Tuscora park.

The kids with their shades on ready for some fun, checking out the duck pond

Nora loving the rides

This year Sawyer was tall enough for all the rides. So he got to ride the roller coaster and swings for the first time. I was a little nervous about him actually enjoying the roller coaster ride. As it began up a steep incline I was nervous for him, but instead of crying out in terror he raised his arms up and rode with no hands :) This boy loves an amusement ride!

On the ferris wheel. Both kids enjoyed the ride for the most part...Nora has a pouty face, because she was convinced we were stuck in a cage and very upset that we may never get out. Thankfully we were able to "escape."

Then we enjoyed our $.50 sno cones.

The boys

At end of July we always enjoy the Football Hall of Fame festivities. This year we missed the hot air balloon festival and fireworks while we were on vacation. However, we did start a new tradition, going to the HOF parade.

eating breakfast while waiting for the parade

while waiting for the parade a group of older kids started playing football in the street and our boy who is always up for a game really wanted to join the fun. He got very shy, but he eventually worked up the courage to ask if he could play

more waiting so we took a family selfie

party of 5

Kolter and Nora waiting patiently

finally the parade arrived and the kids loved the big balloons

Also part of the parade were HOF players, coaches and the current inductees. In the pictures are Mike Ditka and the one person I wanted to see in the whole 3 hour parade, Michael Strahan.

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