Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pedaling Faster

One skill Sawyer learned this summer was riding his bike on 2 wheels!

We took off his training wheels in June while we were camping with church friends. At the time he was a little unstable and there were far too many onlookers and he got nervous. When we got home Kyle removed the pedals from Sawyer's bike to simulate a balance bike. For a few weeks he practiced on the "balance bike" but he didn't like it because he couldn't go fast. But he persevered and continued to practice.

In July when we visited our friends in Wisconsin their daughter received a new bike from the neighbor. She was so excited rode all over. The minute she started riding I could see in his eyes he was going to want a turn. So I offered him the other bike they had, but the catch was this bike didn't have training wheels. He wanted to ride along with his friend so bad he didn't care about the lack of training wheels. He jumped right on. I gave him a push and off he went. He hasn't looked back sense. He's always up for a bike ride!

I didn't get the 1st ride on video, but we went inside and got Daddy we captured his 2nd 2 wheel ride. Sorry there is no helmet…he always wears one at home and honestly when he got on the bike I didn't really think he would go anywhere.

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