Friday, August 22, 2014

Backward Girl

Nora you are backward. Since the day you were born we knew there was something different about our little lady.

Nora, you were a constant spitter-upper, but after every spit-up you offered a smile

You learned how to stand up unassisted before you could sit

You are left handed (Mommy, doesn't think this is backward, but most of the world does :)

You consistently put your shoes on the wrong feet

You put your clothes on backward, even your underwear

You aren't very interested in your letters or counting, but you can name every color under the sun

You remember people's name, but you quickly forget what you're doing in the middle of a task

You wear your bike helmet backward

You are a girly girl, but still love to tackle your brother and wear a superhero cape

Your backwardness makes us smile.

Your backwardness makes us cringe.

Your backward ways induce laughter.

Your backward ways make us want to pull our hair out.

But in the end your backward ways are going to be what makes you great!

God created you to be a unique, special person and we can't wait to see how your backwardness makes you great!

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