Monday, August 4, 2014

A Birthday Full of Rainbows

When we were on the vacation with my family I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to host Nora's birthday party. Since our girl LOVES colors I thought a rainbow party would be perfect.

Since we don't often have family around it was a truly special time to celebrate Nora with so many people we love! Since we were in a hotel I kept it pretty low key, but I couldn't help but put up a few decorations. Don't mind the lodgy was the hotel style :)

Nora ready for her party in her rainbow dress

Skittles party favors
Colorful paper lanterns, party hats and plates

Rainbow wrapping paper for a table runner and rainbow cupcakes for dessert
Rainbow kabobs
dessert table

Some of the party guests: Nana and Kolter and Nathaniel

Nora checking out her cupckaes

And what's a rainbow party without some coloring?

One activity was decorating party hats with stickers

The 2nd activity was coloring rainbows

Aunt Wendy with Kolter and Morgan enjoying her cupcake

Noah and Sawyer decorating their hats

the whole group in their party hats
Kolter and Sawyer at the party

To cap off the party Nora opened gifts which included lots of Doc McStuffins gear. Morgan and Nora wearing their "purses"

One gift Nora received from Papa and Nana was a trip to Build-A-Bear. Nora loves stuffed animals and of course she picked a rainbow bear :) She is in love with Mr. Bear (she named it herself).

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