Wednesday, April 12, 2017

iPhone Unload {February '17}

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): Finally getting to do the fun part of home renovation...decorating! This week we added some art in the kitchen. The picture on the right is Grandma Velda's handwritten recipe enlarged to create a custom typography piece that holds a special place in our heart; most of the time Sawyer is in his own little world, but sometimes he is the sweetest. His sister was sick on Sunday and he was concerned about her missing church, so he took notes for her. Translation: Nora God loves you. God is always with you Nora. Esther saved her people. Nora God loves you when you do bad things. Nora I know you are sick. I want to help you; when did my toddler become a big kid? #hestillhasthechubbycheeks; And then the Lord gave me this blessing...falling asleep in my arms and I am reminded to cherish these moments as his baby/toddler tendencies fade #resultsofamassivetantrum #iwilltakewhaticanget; Evy fell asleep on her face; Evy getting into a pickle...stuck on under the couch #scootinglife; sick day feels; lovely Evy; Nora 100 days of school complete with gray hair, wrinkles, bifocals, pearls and a sparkly pink cane; Super Bowl selfies...highlights...Nora wants to be a rockstar (thanks Lady Gaga) and Sawyer is cheering for the peacocks (a.k.a. Falcons) #footballfunday

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): #reallife; cute Evy with a handmade headband; sleeping babe in Mommy's arms...cherishing these fleeting moments; #eyelashgoals; sisters; one of their favorite pastimes...getting Evy in the morning; school movie night...Trolls!; Mama bear and her baby bears; Sunday selfies; Me and my girl; the many faces of Evy; nice weather = bike rides; Sawyer as the Big Bad Wolf; Evy enjoying some fresh air

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): backyard demolition; the boys working with Papa; Nora meeting our new friend Reagan; girl getting up on her tummy; Evy; coloring in a lane for their new basketball goal; kissing my baby; a portrait of sickness + peace. It saddens me when my little ones are sick, but this picture also encourages me that while I am sick and in need of a savior I can find rest and perfect peace in Him; apparently daffodils in February is a thing in OK #itsokbyme #springisintheair; all the babies on Mama's lap

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