Wednesday, April 19, 2017

FB in KC

At the beginning of March Kyle organized a Christian coaching clinic and we decided to tag along to see some of our favorite people!

This is how we roll in the Holiday Inn
Nora had been sick all week, but she was on the mend. We needed a break so we took a chance and went...we would have all been heartbroken to miss it!

We didn't even leave the hotel! We just talked, ate, swam and played with our friends! Unfortunately, Nora was still struggling with sickness as evidenced by her falling asleep at the dinner table and voluntarily going to bed (multiple times) instead of swimming with friends. By the 2nd day Sawyer was sick and I had also fallen to the flu. Even though I was in a fog, lost my voice and had terrible coughing fits ;) I couldn't miss out on the quality time with friends. Plus someone had to watch the kids as the dads were occupied with football meetings.

Evy charming Liz and Emily

These football families have been with us since day 1 (literally, we all lived/worked together when we got married) and their love, support and encouragement is sooooo valuable! We have endured joyous times and tough situations. Our kids have been best friends and they picked up right where they left off (Lego obsessed). So thankful for these friends who are truly family!

Can you tell we kind of took over the Holiday Inn? The kids watching cartoons at the bar after breakfast.

Even though we were struggling with sickness this was a very refreshing weekend! After a year of making new friends it was so nice to return to long held friendships with people who understand the lifestyle. So thankful for these families!

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