Monday, April 10, 2017

A Day In The Life

Once or twice a year I like to record a day in the life just for memories sake. I randomly chose this day weeks before and marked it on the calendar. Then I tried to take a picture each hour. Here's a peek...

Two screenshots that represent Evy feedings in the night...though you could argue 6:30 am isn't really night time anymore ;)

7:00 am
This day happened to be the 100th day of school, so Nora put on her glasses and pearls, grabbed a sparkly cane, and died her hair white before heading to school.

8:00 am
Kyle took the big kids to school at 7:30 am. I put a show on for Kolter and I worked out. During my cool down I heard this little one making noises.

9:00 am
Time to wake up and get dressed. Work out gear for Mommy. Breakfast for Kolter and Mommy.

Sweaty selfie with Evy

Kolter playing...on top of the table of course. Kolter wasn't feeling well so he stayed in his pj's.

10:00 am
After some play time we hit the car line to pick up Nora at 10:30 am.

11:00 am
My little kitchen assistant helping me prepare leftover spaghetti for lunch

12:00 pm
Around 12:30 pm nap/rest time begins. Evy and Kolter go down for a nap. Nora has a rest time where she either plays in her room or does crafts. On this particular day (trust me it doesn't always happen) I worked on my Bible study, which included memorizing Romans 12:1-2

1:00 pm
During rest time I also wrote Sawyer's thank you notes and worked on our tax paperwork while listening to podcasts. I love to listen to podcasts when I have some quiet time.

2:00 pm
At 2:30 pm I wake the kiddos and we head back to school to wait in the car line and pick up Sawyer.

3:00 pm
When we returned home from school I let Sawyer decompress from the day with a show.

4:00 pm
Playtime chaos and Sawyer does his reading. We did a little picking up before dinner.

5:00 pm
Time to make dinner. Tacos for the win! I had a sous chef who helped shredded the cheese. Daddy came home!

6:00 pm
Nora loves a Daddy date! She got all fancied up with her pearls and Daddy took her to Braum's for a little ice cream and coloring.

7:00 pm
Meanwhile, Mommy played a game of War with the boys

8:00 pm
Everyone was home and in their pj's. We read books, brushed, flushed and the kids went to bed

9:00 pm - 10:30 pm
The kids were asleep and that means my day is over ;) so I guess I forgot to take pictures of the remaining hours. I probably listened to a podcast, checked social media or watched a show while feeding Evy. Most likely I consumed a snack. Once Evy went to sleep I followed soon after.

After going through these photos and writing this post I was struck by the lack of Evy's presence. Trust me she is very present in our life, but I think because she is so laid back and we have so much going on she is not the constant center of attention. Crazy how things change from your 1st child to your 4th! A day in the life post of Sawyer at 6 months would have looked very different ;)

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