Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thankful Thanksgiving

We had a low-key, family focused turkey day. After all the traveling Kyle and I have been doing over the last 2 months we decided to forgo our trip to Kansas and spend the holiday at home. It was a tough decision because we've always traveled to family for Thanksgiving, but it was a much needed break!

We decided since it was our 1st Thanksgiving with just our family of 5 we would do something very low key. Kyle made a turkey tenderloin, stuffing and bacon wrapped green beans. My only request was black olives. The kids and I made dessert. It was delicious and just perfect for our family.

During dinner we went around the table to say what we were thankful for:

Sawyer-milk, pickles and Christ coming to earth (he then broke out into song, He comes from heaven to earth to show the way, from the earth to the sky, my debt to pay...)
Nora: Lambie
Kyle: a job to provide for our family
Kristen: our home and health
Kolter: he pled the 5th ;)

It was a beautiful fall day with temperatures in the '60's so after dinner we took a walk around the neighborhood.

After the walk it was rest/nap time. After sleeping off the turkey coma we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening decorating for Christmas. The kids had a blast unpacking the Christmas decorations and finding the perfect place for each piece. They did a great job decorating the tree too.

It was a low key day and we are so thankful for the rest and quality time with one another.  And don't worry we weren't too lonely the rest of the break we spent eating with friends and family (Wednesday we went to a friends house, Saturday we had Schenksgiving with Cliff and Jess and Saturday night we had a friend over to our house for dinner).

Having a slower break has helped us remember to stop and thank the Lord for all his many blessings. We are especially joyous as we enter this holiday season!

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