Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Cheer

In anticipation of the birth of our Savior we have a few family traditions we celebrate in December.

First up this year was a visit to the Akron Children's Hospital Christmas tree festival. There we also had the annual Santa sitting.

As you can tell it went smashingly ;) We actually were totally okay with Kolter screaming in terror but the Claus' were not so keen. So we removed him and the big kids had a grand time on Santa's lap.

Just a sampling of the fun trees at the event
my 3 little elves
Kolter had his 1st "face" painting experience because he must do everything his older siblings do

Next up is our annual Jammie, lights & cocoa night. We get in our pj's, make the 1st hot chocolate of the season and jump in the van to see all the lights around town. This is everyone's favorite tradition and in honor of the event we turned Kolter's car seat around so he could see too!
Annual jammie, cocoa Christmas selfie

And every night during the holiday season Daddy reads for Advent (they are not always eating candy or wearing an Iron Man costume ;) Then they take turns hanging the corresponding ornament.

And the final event was our Jesus birthday party. There will be another post on this, but here are the kids blowing out the candles for Jesus' birthday.

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