Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Friendsgiving & a Feast

The Lord has blessed me with some great friend groups in Ohio. This was our 2nd annual Friendsgiving with some of my favorite people!

This year instead of traditional Thanksgiving food we had a Mexican fiesta.

our attempt at a selfie
After the wonderful meal we played our own version of Celebrity Game Night. The girls totally won, both in score and in life because we got to see all the guys wear animal print night masks ;)

A few days later we had our monthly girls night. We meet at someone's house at 8 pm each month and we stay up into the wee hours talking, laughing and crying together. On this particular evening we were celebrating my birthday, Jen's birthday and Christmas. We decided to do a "favorite things" gift exchange.

It was so much fun to see what everyone brought. The parameters were a $5 price limit and something that was your favorite thing. It was so fun to see everyone's gifts and how it fit their personality.

The gifts included a favorite type of Apple (Johnnie Gold), Advent calendar, peanut M&M's, a special family cookie recipe (plus cookies), roses, tulip bulbs, gloves and no-crease hair ties.

Speaking of friends because we stayed in Ohio for Thanksgiving the kids were able to participate in the Feast at their school. The feast is a school potluck where the kids get to select their dish. Nora chose PB&J's and Sawyer chose pasta with cheese (as in plain pasta with parmesan cheese ;)

Their school doesn't have a holiday concert, so they put on a little show at the feast! As Sawyer was walking up to sing he came running back with a look of panic. He was scared to stand in front of everyone. When we explained he was going to sing the praise songs he loved he lit up and ran to the stage. So thankful he was able to overcome his fear so he could sing some of his favorite songs. He even did the actions, which is unprecedented for our big guy! Have I mentioned I love his school!?

My little guy singing his heart out

Nora picked a difficult spot to photograph, but she too sang with her class

These kids are all part of the Malone football family and have been friends since birth! So thankful for all their lives!

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